Colton Shaver a BYU baseball powerhouse

PROVO- BYU baseball is making headlines, but there’s one player who’s making a name for himself. Colton Shaver is the powerhouse at the plate, and contrary to his name, he’s sporting a pretty classic lip cap. He’s infamously known as a pitcher’s … Continue reading



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Dealing with rampant road rage

A new study by the Washington post shows road rage incidents doubled in the last year—and Utah is no exception. New construction and increasing traffic is enough to frustrate any commuter, but what happens when that frustration turns into road … Continue reading

Utah’s stance on pornography debated

Utah lawmakers finding porn magazines in their mailbox is sparking a debate about the harms of pornography. University of Utah student Andrew Ploeger says Utah legislators are blowing the issue of pornography out of proportion. “I don’t think it’s harmful,” … Continue reading

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