Colton Shaver a BYU baseball powerhouse

PROVO- BYU baseball is making headlines, but there’s one player who’s making a name for himself. Colton Shaver is the powerhouse at the plate, and contrary to his name, he’s sporting a pretty classic lip cap. He’s infamously known as a pitcher’s … Continue reading



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Earn-A-Bike program teaches and rewards children

Eight-year-old bike mechanic, Karli Kolling, is riding on new wheels from Provo Bicycle Collective’s free ‘Earn-A-Bike’ program. She’ll be the cool kid on the block riding a recycled bike she souped up herself. Karli spent weeks learning to build and … Continue reading

LDS families defy more siblings less education study

Cheaper by the dozen not exactly, a BYU national study shows that the younger siblings in bigger families lag in their schooling. If you are the youngest this research could make you a little nervous, but lucky for all of us there’s … Continue reading

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