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The new offensive coordinator has more than just the BYU offensive line on his mind. Continue reading

Handling quarterback controversy is just one of the things BYU’s new offensive coordinator is learning to juggle this year. Doman says he loves the football team like his own family, but they aren’t the only ones he cares for like a father.

Doman has his own recruits who call him dad. He has five children, and all of them are adopted. But being a former NFL player and current BYU offensive coordinator presents challenges for his own family.

Adoption is a public event and the Domans are no exception. “I wonder sometimes if they wish not everyone knew they were adopted, bless their hearts, they handle it so well. Up to this point I have great confidence in who they are.”

But Doman says he isn’t alone. He has a good wife who shares the coaching responsibilities to keep things balanced. “My wife, man, she does a good job.”

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