Flying safe with athletic trainers

Flying safe with athletic trainers

Twisting, turning, and flying through the air; those are some of the fanciest moves you’ll see in sports, but it comes at a price. Injuries are the not-so-cheap cost throughout a gymnast’s careers.

To limit the risk of injuries, Cougar gymnasts meet with the athletic training staff in the Sport Medicine Department for treatment before every practice.

“They make sure that we tell them…where we’re hurting or what’s going on with our bodies and…if we need to hold back on an event or something for a while to make sure we don’t get injured,” said sophomore gymnast Megan Bain.

After solid freshman years, Bain and her teammate Haylee Rollins sat out last season with achilles injuries.

“Haylee and Megan both worked super hard to come back,” said athletic trainer Lizzy Spurrier. “They’ve trained every day, sometimes more than the other girls on the team, trying to get their skills back and get back in shape to contribute to the team this year.”

The trainers’ presence definitely makes gymnasts more comfortable when they take flight.

With the help of their trainers, Bain and Rollins are back this season looking to help the team return to Regionals after missing out last year.

The girls are ready to shine through the season with health and high confidence. Their next home meet is this Saturday, January 26 at 7 p.m. against Boise State.

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