Aiming for the aces

Aiming for the aces

Talent alone is not enough to bring home a “W” for the BYU tennis team; it is the chemistry that also matters. Confidence is high among BYU women netters, because they took the advantage in the first four games of this season. The addition of two new freshmen brings new wind to the team, as the two combine for six wins out of their seven singles matches.

“My first match was a bit nerve-racking but I felt…I just needed to relax and just not care about the whole outcome of the score that’s going on when I’m playing,” freshman Nicolette Tran said of her first matches as a college tennis player. “I just focused on my match and I played really well when I just relaxed and stayed calm.”

The maturity of the team’s veterans also makes an impact on every player’s mentality, even when going up against tough opponents.

“As a senior, I’d say that I’m experienced being with the team for four years so… (I) understand how matches can be mentally and physically…making sure people are positive and working hard still,” said senior Aubrey Paul.

With a perfect start at home, the team looks to keep up its form with or without their home crowd.

“We should finish strong in our pre-season and hopefully go into our conference play with a great record,” head coach Lauren Jones-Spencer said of the team outlook this year. “We were hoping to get a better seed than we were last year going into the tournament.”

BYU women’s tennis holds on to its status as the only West Coast Conference team with a perfect record. The team is in Las Vegas this weekend for matches against UNLV and Iowa State.

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