Performing through the pain

Performing through the pain

The lady Cougar gymansts have a high pain tolerance, suffering through many different types of injuries to get where they are now.

Haylee Rollins said, “I’ve had a cracked heel, broken ankle, bruised calcaneus, broken ribs, broken toes, jammed fingers, and a bruised sternum, and just recently surgery on both of my feet.”

Everyone gets bumps and bruises, but only two girls are currently out for this season: Kaycee Gassaway is out because of surgery and vault sensation Madeline Nilsson is out with a torn ACL.

From twisted ankles and bruises to torn ACLs and foot surgeries, these girls have seen it all and have learned to perform through the pain. They know that injuries are going to happen but they still work to prevent and heal these problems.

Head coach Brad Cattermole said, “The injury rate in gymnastics is 100% so everybody gets hurt. Everybody takes a ding at some point or another. You stay on top of it. You try to rest them enough; you try to work out when you can; you try to pay attention to things that are hurting and limit pounding on those things.”

Even some of the girls who are competing have to limit themselves because they are all healing from one thing or another. These girls will need to keep fighting through the pain again tonight with a rematch against Boise State.


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