Fallen soldier

Fallen soldier

Family, friends and strangers alike came together at the Provo city airport to honor the fallen soldier Cody Towse.

Mary Hokanson, a complete stranger to the Towse family, came to support Cody and his family. “We got the e-mail, through our neighborhood email,” said Hokanson. “We thought it was the least we could do for all he suffered.”

Cody, an army medic, died while trying to save another soldier.   As the plane approached the tarmac, water cannons fired and fellow soldiers saluted the Elk Ridge native hero.  The solemness of the occasion brought the focus to the Towse family and their brother and son who is no longer with them.

“That’s not the way he’s supposed to come home,” Jim Towse, the father of Cody said. “That’s what I told him.”

Militia loaded Cody’s casket on a hearse and saluted as the back door closed. Hundreds of people lined the streets to pay their respects to Cody as the army specialist made his final trip to Elk Ridge.

Flags marked the path from Provo’s airport all the way to the Towse family home, and it really made a difference for the Towse family.  “It really has made it a happy day,”Jim said.  “I never thought it would be.”

The Towse’s say they hope people can learn from their experience and remember to pay respects to soldiers and veterans who serve our country.

“It’s tough because of the tragedy and the sacrifice and the loss,” Todd Phillips, a close family friend of the Towse’s said.  “But it’s been a neat experience to see all the good that’s come out.”

Cody earned several awards including a bronze star, a purple heart and several army good conduct metals.  His funeral will be held Saturday, June 1st, at 11 a.m, at Salem Hills High School.  Everyone’s invited to attend.

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