Frances B. Monson, wife of President Thomas S. Monson, passes away

Frances B. Monson, wife of President Thomas S. Monson, passes away

Sister Frances Monson, the wife of President Thomas Monson, peacefully passed away early Friday morning surrounded by her family.

Frances Johnson met her husband Thomas Monson in 1944 while they were students at the University of Utah. President Monson says that the first day he saw her, he knew he’d found the right one. They were married October 7, 1948. Generally quiet and content with being in the background, family and friends say Sister Monson always showed love and kindness to the people she encountered in life.

“My mother did not require attention but rather she always looked at others,” Ann M. Dibb, daughter of President and Sister Monson said. “She always served and she always was compassionate and caring and I’m grateful for that example that she has provided for our whole family.”

Whether President Monson was attending functions or was out on general assignment, he always had Sister Monson there for him. Those who knew her well say she never complained and that without her we would not have the President Monson we know today.

“You cannot have my father without my mother, or my mother without my father,” Sister Dibb said. “They make each other complete. She is everything that he has ever loved.”

Her daughter says that she overcame many obstacles and persevered because of the love between her and her husband. Those who knew her say they’ll miss her love and quiet influence.

A funeral will be held Thursday at noon at the Salt Lake Tabernacle. The public are invited to attend, but there will be no public viewing.

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