Fight nights

Fight nights

PROVO– The Provo City Council is worried about a frightening trend that most parents don’t know about, teenage fight nights.

Fight nights involve one teen calling out another to a fist fight, and happen at secret locations around the city. Other kids attend the fights as spectators. Provo City Council Vice Chair Kim Santiago found out about this underground fad and is trying to shed some light on its dangers.

“The problem with concussion is if you get hit on one side your brain goes back and forth within your skull. If you happen to avoid broken bones, what you’re not avoiding is the injury to the brain,” Santiago said. “The match lasts for 30 seconds, or until one teen is knocked unconscious.”

Being hit in the head repeatedly can cause concussions, which is a serious problem in a teen’s developing brain. Some signs parents can look for are teens may have frequent headaches or seem withdrawn if they have been involved in these fight nights. However, the best way to find out is simply to ask them.

“I would ask. Especially if they’re involved in athletics and you know they could be at greater risk for more concussion,” Santiago said.

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