More than music

More than music

OREM — A local musician’s fundraiser gets by with a little help from his friends and even complete strangers.

Elijah Buxton’s push to get his album finished strikes a chord with many, but goes deeper than just making his mark in the music scene, it’s become his literal lifeline.

Friends and fans know him as Elkebu, but the story behind the stage persona started long before his music career. As 23-year-old Elijah Buxton’s family moved from city to city, his relationship with music was always his constant.

“Luckily music is one of those things that you can adapt,”  Buxton said. “You kind of adapt to what’s happening in your life and you kind of write around that.”

So, it’s no surprise when he describes his recent album as optimistic despite delving into sad topics. Eli was diagnosed with stage two testicular cancer and underwent chemo and was in remission until late last year, when he learned the cancer had returned and spread throughout his body.

“Basically I just broke down,” Buxton said.

Close friend and music producer, Jared Cisneros, surprised him by putting together a GoFundMe account to get Elkebu’s album the treatment he said it deserves.

“Yeah, I’ve been helping him with the album and trying to get his project and all his files sorted out while he’s been in the hospital,” Cisneros said.

Cisneros said the album is all Eli, which he says is pretty rare with musicians these days and their fundraising goal is $2,500. Eli said he hopes the album will inspire honesty and ultimately speak to those who listen.

“That’s like a really cool way of thinking of it is like a way of still communicating with people even though I may not be around to say,” Buxton said.

Eli said he remains hopeful and will continue to not only make music, but also make plans for the future. As of this morning, the fundraiser reached it’s goal, but any extra money will go toward making the album even better.

To help Eli finish his album donate here.

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