Provo 360: Provo software upgrade

Provo 360: Provo software upgrade

PROVO- After twenty years, the Provo city computer system is getting an update called Provo 360, approved unanimously at last night’s City Council meeting.

Provo City said the 10 million dollars necessary to make the change will be worth it to replace the failing system they have now.

City officials said the first change people will see in Provo is a more transparent government, as homeowners will be able to dig into the city’s finances and its daily spending. City officials said this new software will also expand people’s individual accounts and give them more access to government services online. People will be able to make specific inquiries about their utility expenses, and each person will eventually have access to any utility, license, or department from

“So you can come in and actually say, ‘How much power have I used day by day over the last month and where’s my heaviest usage and why is my power bill so expensive?’” said Wayne Parker, Chief Administrative Officer over the project.

Parker said the major goal of the software is to consolidate the many government duties into one system and make it easier for city employees and everyday people to access services. City workers said they can already see potential savings.

Britny Neilson, the Senior Customer Service Representative for Provo city, said, “We do a lot of double work when it comes to the billing and the business licensing, so I’m really hoping that it’s gonna bring it all together and make things a lot more [smooth]…”

Officials said people in Provo won’t pay any more in taxes for this project. The administration factored the cost into the yearly budget for the next seven years and said this will save the city more than three million dollars.

The three year transition process of implementing Provo 360 starts next week. People will start seeing changes in their account next year.

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