Speech via social media

Speech via social media

PROVO- Provo posted a “life event” and racked up hundreds of “likes” yesterday as Mayor Curtis made history broadcasting his state of the city speech over social media. Analytics show more than 13 hundred people have viewed the address online so far.

Citizens connected with the mayor on five different platforms: watching the broadcast live on Periscope and Facebook, asking questions via Twitter and Instagram, and through Snapchat’s live stream of behind the scenes footage.

“[We] really try to make sure that we’re engaging with everybody, and these are platforms that we can use to help do that,” said Deputy Mayor Cory Norman.

The numbers show at least 500 people tuned in live, more than have ever viewed a State of the City at one time, though people on Facebook commented the feed was hard to find because it was from Mayor Curtis’s personal Facebook page instead of the Provo City page.

Overall, the staff said they’re happy with the results and hope to improve in the future.

No announcements have been made yet about next year’s State of the City, but the number of people able to watch the broadcast makes a convincing argument for a repeat next year.

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