25 years of BYU Vocal Point

25 years of BYU Vocal Point

PROVO- What do you get when you put a cappella singers, thirty five beach balls and a wooden titanic backdrop together? A BYU Vocal Point music video. The group choreographed and filmed the video in a single take. It took eleven hours with guest appearances from more than fifty vocal point alumni. Current members of the group are used to performing in front of a camera, but some alumni had never been part of a music video before, and hadn’t performed since the group was founded in 1991.

Dave Boyce, co-founder said, ”For some of us the choreography didn’t come as naturally. We had to rehearse it, rehearse it, rehearse it, do it over and over.”

The video premiered at the covey center during four concerts the group performed this weekend. It hasn’t been released online yet.

[vimeo 158071526 width=520]
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