BYU named safest university

BYU named safest university

PROVO– BYU can add “safest campus” next to “most sober university” on its list of number one rankings.

Students said it’s a result of high standards and the hard work of on-campus police.

Student and cyclist Taz Smith said he wasn’t surprised when Business Insider named BYU the safest university campus in the United States.

“There’s just a good population of people trying to do the right thing,” Smith said.

Smith said he thinks the crime rate is so low on campus because of LDS standards.

“I think Provo’s probably one of the safer places to live in the United States for college kids because there’s a high population of the Mormon religion,” Smith said.

BYU Police still decided to take precautions by pairing up with local authorities to ensure the safety of students attending the university.

“We’re a very proactive department. I guess that’s one thing that sets us apart sometimes compared to other institutions,” said Lt. Arnold Lemmon, a BYU police officer.

Students said they’re glad police installed emergency boxes throughout campus so they can call if they see any problems.

“They give a sense of security for many people,” Lemmon said.

Police can rush to the scene of a crime to provide help since the boxes connect directly to their dispatch system. Officer Lemmon said students should always be on their guard because even though on-campus is safe, off-campus may not be.

“Take responsibility for protecting yourself, for protecting your property, and then be involved as a good community member. See something, say something,” Lemmon said.

BYU police have videos on their website to show what to do in case of an active shooter, They also added a safe walk program, where officers can escort students home if they feel unsafe.

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