Downtown Provo upgrades

Downtown Provo upgrades

PROVO- Block by block, Provo has revitalized its downtown area—but they aren’t done yet. Last night, the City Council approved the start of a plan that will revamp another three blocks.

The award winning City Center is looking to improve north of center street. David Walter of the redevelopment agency presented to the Council last night and is now ready to move forward.

“I think it’s going to be something that will help continue the revitalization of downtown,” he said.

The city said renovations will take place between 100 and 200 West and between 100 and 400 North. The biggest changes will be moving the federal court house one block west and tearing down the building known as the old RC Willy.

The land in question is owned by multiple entities– some by the city, some by the state, and some is still private. Working through the specifics will take thirty to sixty days. Once the final project is approved by the City Council, the Redevelopment Agency said renovations could take more than three years.

Business owners said they welcome the change, but are worried about potential inconveniences.

“I’m not a big fan of… stopping roads,” Red Deli owner David House said. “I think that’s part of this project here… Other than that I think it’s really cool that we’ll see a lot of new stuff and new growth.”

The project won’t raise taxes because the redevelopment agency will fund the project. Business owners and homeowners may eventually see an increase if the developments raise the value of their property.

People in Provo will have an opportunity to voice their opinions on the plan at future City Council meetings. Residents should look for meeting and work session notifications by mail, where they can discuss the plan with the City Council and the Redevelopment Agency.

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