#MessiahLiveConcert trends on Twitter

#MessiahLiveConcert trends on Twitter

SALT LAKE CITY- Easter weekend on Temple Square was all the talk on social media, and one of the top trends on Twitter Friday was the #MessiahLive Concert.
It was a #GoodFriday this weekend when Christians all over got together in their own chapels to sing along with the live broadcast of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Handel’s Messiah. Draper Crescent View Stake Choir Director Sharee Jorgensen was just one of the many who decided to join in with the choir. She invited members from stake to not just watch the performance live, but to join her in song, and said she has a personal connection with the piece because she used to teach about it as a public school music teacher.
“When The Hallelujah Chorus was first performed, the king was very impressed with it, so he stood, and of course when the king [stood], the congregation stood as well, and we’ve been doing that ever since,” Jorgensen said.
The combined sound of the cello, violin, organ, trumpet and opera soloists brought the audience to their feet. 12 year old Jenna Chariton was in the audience and sang along.
“I really loved the Hallelujah Chorus,” she said.
Handel’s Messiah is a complex piece that takes almost three hours to perform. Organ pipes range through the tabernacle with 53 verses from the Bible telling of the life and role of Jesus Christ.
“What the purpose of… Easter is, is growing closer to Christ,” said Hannah Jensen, a BYU student who attended the performance.
People said they left with the joy of the Savior’s Resurrection. The concert was part of the LDS Church’s Easter Initiative #Hallelujah to spread the news of Christ.

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