Housing shortage for students

Housing shortage for students

PROVO– Apartments and condos make up student housing at BYU but it could be the gutter if they don’t sign now for fall.

The campus housing office said students need to sign up quickly because they don’t have very many openings. Some students even have to live back home with their families because of the availability.

The students said it is an overwhelming experience since thousands are returning to BYU after serving LDS missions.

Apartment buildings get hundreds of applicants every week looking for a room to open up. They are seldom, but most students are able to snag one before its too late.

“We were probably down to a vacancy rating of one or one percent or less and so we were able to find housing for them and they were able to find housing so between us and them they were covered,” Campus Housing Director, Gary Briggs, said.

BYU has 23,000 contracted rooms, but the office said they will fill up fast.

They think new developers will get contracts open to their rooms soon so students can find a place to call home.

The office is working mainly with the single students but they know there is demand for married housing and hope to create more availabilities in the near future.

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