Millennials and voting

Millennials and voting

PROVO– Voting is the foundation of american culture, but new studies said millennials haven’t taken advantage of this during the election.

Millennials are old enough to vote in the election, but NPR said most refused to participate in the election of 2012 which could have changed the result. Serene Papenfuss is no stranger to the ballot box. As the Republican Club President, she realized the need to educate student on the process.

“I think a lot of the problem is that student’s just don’t know where to start,” she said.

NPR said the millennial generation is the largest in American history with about 83 million people, yet they have the lowest voting bracket with 11.2 percent. BYU’s Republican and Democratic Clubs work with the student body to motivate them to raise this percentage.

“This week we are going to have a speaker come and we are actually combining with the College of Democrats about how there is a lack of student government at BYU and how that affects political apathy,” Papenfuss said.

Papenfuss said she reached out to the Democratic Club and they started working together. Despite their political views, both sides want to teach students how to vote in the election.

“I think if they knew their vote actually counted and that it would actually sway an election I think people would vote,” said Clayton Conley, a registered Democrat.

They walked door to door and helped students get registered to vote which they hope will cause the students to care for the future of our nation.

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