Redefining home sweet home with tiny houses

Redefining home sweet home with tiny houses

PROVO– Home sweet home takes on a new meaning in Utah as the homes seen only in the past on an HGTV show come to the Beehive state.

Mom and dad, Armela and Steve Christiansen, have a little surprise for their two kids. This is three-year-old Nora and six-year-old Liam’s first time inside what may be their future home but its probably not like any you’ve seen.

“Its something that is, doesn’t seem so realistic at first,” Armela said.

Builders call it a tiny house. The name is simple and so is the home. It’s smaller than the size of an average kitchen.  At $37,500, it’s cheaper than many luxury cars.

“We’re very excited so,” Armela said.

“I think we also like the freedom that it might bring as far as having less about our lives be about our home,” Steve said.

Home builders said it’s a new trend spreading across the country

“I want to move in tomorrow,” Armela said.

Life Starter Homes is helping to build up the trend in Utah.

“Its such a departure from what we’re kind of conditioned to in America,” said John Cook, Life Starter Homes marketing director. “America is known the world over, bigger is better right, bigger is better so tiny houses speak to that desire to have high efficiency but low waste.”

The company said only 40 percent of the Utah County population can afford the cheapest home available so they’re hoping this will offer an alternative solution.

“It kind of sparks the imagination, gosh no debt sounds good,” Cook said. “I wonder if I could do it, I wonder if I could live in a tiny home.”

But its not just tiny homes the company is building. They’re converting a bus into a house for a family of eight.

“Wow is most common, the usual reaction,” Cook said.

Or sometimes they get the following responses.

“Well, lets see what the crazies are doing, right?” Cook said.

As for the Christiansen family, they’re happy exploring their future mini mansion. They haven’t told their family and friends yet about their big, or should we say little move, but they said they’re excited to and guessing it will surprise a lot of people.

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