Republican presidential primary

Republican presidential primary

PROVO- Voters flocked to the polls to cast their ballot for the Republican Presidential Primary yesterday at Centennial Middle School, where more than three hundred people waited in line to do their part in the race for the next president.

Whether they were voting for Cruz or Kasich, people said they had one goal in mind: keep Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination.

The room full of Provo voters included James and Christina Ariel, who brought their young family to their first ever caucus to vote for some other than “the Donald.”

“[We’re voting for]Ted Cruz,” James said. “[He’s] most conservative, I feel he’s most principled. I feel he’s the true alternative to Donald Trump, which I think at this point in the election is what you have to look at.”

John Swenson came from Salt Lake to Caucus with his girlfriend and had the same motivation in mind as many other voters.

“Donald Trump is kind of scary and I think Cruz is probably a little bit more stable,” he said.

For some voters, one caucus wasn’t enough. Lindsey Campenhout came to the caucus with her brother and niece with a passion for the process, but not for the candidates.

“At the moment I am voting for Kasich, but at the same time I don’t have a very passionate opinion of any candidate in particular,” Campenhout said. “My husband is actually at the Democratic caucus and we’re kind of going to compare notes on things and really figure out where we both stand.”

People said they’re torn on which candidate is most trustworthy because they feel the Republican nominees track records don’t match up to their platforms, especially Donald Trump– who voters say is not president material.

Republicans at the caucus commented on the smoothness of the process, how organized the registration was and how well the caucus was advertised.

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