BYU Quidditch Club rising in popularity

BYU Quidditch Club rising in popularity

PROVO- Harry Potter die-hards have united to bring BYU their very own Quidditch team. Once just a game from a fantasy novel, Muggles can pick up their broomsticks right here in Provo and compete in the rising international sport.

The Provo Night Flurries recently hosted Provo’s inaugural Quidditch tournament, squaring off against the University of Utah. BYU Quidditch founder Alexis Kaegi said although it may not be very traditional, playing with quaffles and bludgers is very much a sport.

“Come play. We will probably tackle you, and the first time you get a face beat, you’ll know it’s a sport,” Kaegi said.

The unique mix of rugby, dodge-ball, and tag attracts hundreds of club teams all over the world to compete. While they may not fly in the air, the adopted sport holds true to many aspects from Harry Potter, including catching the golden snitch to end the game.

With the rise in popularity around the world, BYU Quidditch fanatics hope the sport continues to soar locally. Their goal is to gather a large enough following for intramural competitions.

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