Land parcelling process in Orem

Land parcelling process in Orem

OREM- A Quick Quack car wash will soon fill the parking lot of Orem’s University Mall, a future addition that comes at the end of a long and new land parceling process. The new owners hope to build a car wash on the property within the next year.

But some of the future customers are not sure the new car wash will generate more business, which is the point of splitting and selling the extra piece of land.

“I feel like business is important to the city and I don’t expect that a car wash there would significantly increase traffic given how much traffic is already here for the Costco,” said Tamara Bahr.

Traditionally, a property owner could re-deed and split their property themselves. Now, land parceling requires approval from the city planner’s office and eventually from the city council. The city planning commission will hold a public hearing regarding this property at 3:30 this afternoon to officially accept the split proposal.

Proposals to split land like this take anywhere from 1 to 6 months so if you are hoping to buy or sell a piece of land, get on it soon.

The property doesn’t have to be a certain size to go through this process, but all Orem property owners need to contact the city planner’s office if they want to sell pieces of their land for any reason regardless of the size.

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