Orem musician helps addicts through his work

Orem musician helps addicts through his work

OREM – After losing his mother to suicide at a young age, DJ Brendon Neilson realized what a difference music made in his life. Now he’s using his own music to promote the universal 12-step Addiction Recovery Program.

“I’ve created a 12-track album based [on] the 12-step Addiction Recovery Program, and my whole purpose in this is to help people feel what it feels like to go through recovery,” he said.

Those emotions, he said, range from hope to chaos.

“I’ve met a lot of kids who are in treatment facilities . . . that really relate to music as something that helps them release emotion,” he said.

Now Nielson’s goal is to raise enough money to record his music professionally and get his message to crowds on a national level.

Check out his music below:


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