Female pedestrian hit while crossing train tracks

Female pedestrian hit while crossing train tracks

PROVO – A Frontrunner Train coming through Provo hit a female pedestrian while she was crossing the tracks Monday morning.

Police are still investigating what caused the accident at 600 S and 700 W.

Locals surrounding the train tracks heard the Frontrunner come to a screeching halt during what was an otherwise typical morning. Provo resident Lee Hales said that at this crossroad, people aren’t as cautious as they should be.

“A train can’t stop on a dime, so if you’re on the track, they don’t see you, you’re just kind of throwing your life into the waste,” Hales said.

He also said that construction workers are checking all of the equipment surrounding the tracks to make sure it was functioning properly when the victim crossed.

Lt. Brandon Post of the Provo Police said that there’s still no word on who this woman was or why the accident happened, but the police will inform the public as soon as they know.

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