Provo City redesigning Provo River Trail

Provo City redesigning Provo River Trail

PROVO – Provo city officials recently announced renovations on the Provo River trail.

Batista Oliveira said he enjoys going on a walk every day with his dog, Gasper. He also enjoys many of the trails nearby, but he said the new Provo River trail has him more excited.

“I like to walk on those trails close to the lake. For sure, my family and me will be there, and friends, for sure will be there,” Oliveira said.

City officials said the trail will be under construction next summer. Doug Robins, the assistant director of Parks & Recreation, said they’ve identified the Provo River trail as the most valued and needed recreation spot in the city. Its open house was last week, and officials are excited to start breaking ground next year.

The trail goes from 2230 north to 2550 west in Provo. The city is focusing on widening and enhancing the trail, and officials expect thousands of people to use it both for fun and as a way to get from point A to point B.

“It doesn’t only . . . Serve as recreation opportunity. It also serves as transportation corridor. So people are traveling along the trail to school, to work, to go shopping, and it really serves . . . As a transportation connection through town as well,” Robins said.

Robins also said they’re currently designing all of the additions to the trail, and it’s a high priority for the city.

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