Provo to get first LGBTQ Center

Provo to get first LGBTQ Center

PROVO – A building that’s over 100 years old will soon be home to Provo’s first LGBTQ center.

The Encircle Center will offer counseling, a mentoring program, and group therapy. They have a goal to unite families and help struggling students in the community.

Design Director Jacob Dunford said he takes pride in the center being put in a home.

“We purchased a home on purpose, and I think . . . Lots of centers and support groups like this purchase office spaces, and we want everyone to feel completely at home. We want a welcome sign right here that says ‘welcome home,'”  Dunford said.

The home is receiving a lot of attention because it’s located just across the street from the LDS Provo City Center temple.

“I think that as a community, both of these buildings represent progress and love,” Dunford said.

The director said many LGBTQ youth don’t feel part of the community, but there’s more support in Utah County than most people realize. He also said there are plenty of people ready and willing to help, they just need the opportunity.

Encircle plans to open its doors in February. For now, people can volunteer at activities and work on the building’s renovations.

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