University of Utah students rattled by recent rape incident

University of Utah students rattled by recent rape incident

SALT LAKE CITY – Some University of Utah students said it’s scary to walk around on campus, even during the day, due to the recent rape incident.

Police have not yet found the assailant.

Karen, an engineering student, said that she studies at the Merrill Building, close to where the incident occurred.

She said that she’s more cautious now as she goes through her day.

“It was a wake-up call for me. I used to not care so much, like, what’s my surrounding,” she said.

She said even her male friends are more careful now, and they make sure that she doesn’t walk alone to her car.

Parents are also worried about campus safety. Tracey Ross is a mother who voiced her concern about her daughter, who lives on campus.

“[We] do worry about her . . . Especially at night, her walking alone on the campus,” Ross said.

Some female students at the U are also protesting the lack of protection against college rape.

The University President announced he’s working hard to make the campus safer by installing 500 new surveillance cameras around campus.

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