Utah drivers cautioned as winter arrives

Utah drivers cautioned as winter arrives

PROVO – When the temperature drops, car accidents rise, and experts said that out-of-state drivers may be shocked when experiencing driving in the snow for the first time.

Becca Smith is just one of many people from outside of Utah to have a scare on the road.

“And I was merging on and I was accelerating, and I don’t think I was speeding too fast, and the next thing I know, I was trying to merge on there and it was just super icy and slippery and snowy, which kind of freaked me out, and then I ended up spinning off the interstate into the ditch,” she said.

Statistics show that winter car accidents are the number one way healthy Americans die. To avoid car wrecks, experts suggested driving the speed limit, buckling your seat belt, installing snow tires, checking the air pressure in your wheels, and keeping the tank half full.

“The number one thing you can do is pay attention to your driving,” said Highway Patrolman Levi Winward. “Don’t talk on the phone. Don’t talk with people that are in the car. Just pay attention to driving and keep to the task at hand.”

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