BYU super-fan cheers despite distance and injury

BYU super-fan cheers despite distance and injury

PROVO – High-schooler Austin Sumsion shows up to every Brigham Young University game–and he doesn’t even live in Utah. The Idaho native plans his week around the games to show his support for the Cougars.
After every home game, he usually requires medical attention.
“I was jamming out with the pom-pom, back and forth,” Sumsion said. “And I just somehow, like, hit it really hard and . . . My wrist like snapped.”
He’s had multiple injuries over the past few games from cheering a little too hard. In fact, during the Utah State football game, he popped his shoulder out of place.
“My shoulder popped in and out, but we’re good, we’re good. Hopefully that will help the Cougars,” he said. “My parents are like, ‘Just don’t get too wild at the games anymore.’ But I’m still wild. I can’t control it.”
He’s a true black and blue BYU fan from all the bruises.
“My doctor said, ‘Yeah, you pretty much just gave yourself shaken baby syndrome,'” Sumsion said.
After all his injuries, Sumsion still brings friends and  a positive vibe to the ROC.
“He’s [going to] bring a lot of excitement to this game. We’re in the student sections, it’s [going to] be wild,” said BYU fan Keith Knight.

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