Pillsbury collection on display in BYU library

Pillsbury collection on display in BYU library

PROVO – Brigham Young University is currently displaying the work of Arthur C. Pillsbury in the Harold B. Lee Library special selections section.

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster grew up hearing stories about her grandfather, Arthur C. Pillsbury.  He was a revolutionary photographer for his time, but Pillsbury-Foster never saw her grandfather’s work.  Pillsbury’s wife sold his extensive collection of innovative videos and pictures after his death in 1946, and his family was unable to find it for over 30 years.

But in 1978, donors gave the collection to BYU. The Pillsbury family was thrilled to find out it included 5,600 videos and pictures.

Pillsbury-Foster said her grandfather wanted to help others see the world differently.

“He had a way of knitting it together and arresting people’s attention so that they understood . . . The world around them,” Pillsbury-Foster said.

She also said she hopes that people will come enjoy her grandfather’s collection, and learn to see the world with new eyes.

To learn more, visit the Pillsbury collection in the special collections section of the BYU library, or visit the foundation at arthurcpillsburyfoundation.org.

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