Drones possess variety of uses

Drones possess variety of uses

LINDON, Utah – Chris Newman owns CineChopper. He films all around the world using drones – places like Hawaii, New Zealand and all over Utah. He works with big name companies like Netflix, Discovery and Sony, just to name a few.

Newman can get good video with a drone, but he believes drones are for more than just video.

“I mean drones are used for so many different things. For agriculture, for search and rescue. I mean they are saving people every single day,” Newman said.

Commercial drone operators must pass a test from the Federal Aviation Association to become licensed. If just a hobby, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires registration of drones for a small fee.

FAA guidelines state that drone pilots must notify airport officials if they are going to fly within five miles of an airport. They also cannot fly over 400 feet high, near stadiums or forest fires.

To see more of Newman’s work, check out his website here.

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