Living Legends bridges culture gaps

Living Legends bridges culture gaps

PROVO, Utah – Brigham Young University students are bridging culture gaps through song and dance.

Living Legends is an elite dance group of 38 BYU students, with dancers of Latin American, Native American, or Polynesian descent. Though roughly 126 languages are spoken on campus, BYU’s student body is 86% Caucasian. As minorities, Living Legends cast members use their dancing to share their cultures and spread the message of Christ.

“The whole purpose that we’re doing this is so that we can share the Aloha spirit, or the spirit of Christ, with others and kind of teach them… the history and what’s in The Book of Mormon,” said Living Legends President Michael Goedel.

“For someone that hasn’t met someone else from a different ethnicity, I would tell them to try it, to do it. I served a… mission (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) and our mission president’s name was Kurt Jenkins, and what he shared with us is that not all good ideas come from one mind, and I think that is just fantastic,”  said cast member Alex Finau.

Living Legend’s show “Seasons” will focus on different periods of the Book of Mormon, allowing them to share their testimonies of Christ through their culture.

“It is not just a story that we’re telling, it’s our actual beliefs that we are sharing with others,” Goedel said.

Living Legends will perform next on March 23rd. Visit their website for more information: Living Legends: Seasons 2017

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