Music Therapy provides physical, mental, and emotional stability

Music Therapy provides physical, mental, and emotional stability

SANDY, Utah – Music therapy is an interactive form of treatment that offers many benefits to its patients. It focuses on five different domains: social skills, communication, motor development, cognitive development (which includes memory and attention), and emotional connection. Individuals also see improvements in their health as they develop their musical abilities.

“Creating music or putting things into song creates this emotional connection with what you’re thinking. And that mind and heart connection is where the real work happens in music therapy,” said Jaycie Voorhees, a board-certified music therapist and the owner and director of Harmony Music Therapy.

Clients can gain confidence, develop more awareness of their surroundings, and strengthen their emotional connections with others. Voorhees said therapists are also using this form of treatment to address neurological damage following a stroke.

She also said clients do not need experience in music to participate.

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