Orem warns of carbon monoxide scammer

Orem warns of carbon monoxide scammer

OREM – Orem city claims a scam artist was trying to convince home owners to buy an expensive furnace by falsely claiming that people’s current furnaces are leaking deadly carbon monoxide.

Trina Barkle and her daughter, Tiffany Bradley, had let a man into the family home to do a routine carbon monoxide test. The man said there was a crack in the furnace and carbon monoxide was leaking into the home.

He said it needed to be replaced immediately.

What tipped the family off to the scam? His hard nose sales tactics.

“Like he started getting angry and cutting her off in mid sentence, and trying to like really sell her on this furnace even though he said that he wasn’t a sales person,” Bradley said.

After he left, Barkle bought a carbon monoxide detector to put near the furnace just to double check. There was no sign of any leak.

Police said a good way to avoid being scammed is to ask to see the person’s business license. If they don’t have one, don’t let them in.

To report a scamming incident, call the police or go to orem.org and click on “Contact,” then “Report A Problem.”

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