Provo startup delivers late night cookies

Provo startup delivers late night cookies

PROVO – A new Provo startup called Chip is delivering sweet snacks to the Utah community, but only between 8 o’clock at night to 2 o’clock in the morning.

Owner Stephen Wirthlin and his brother-in-law started the business to bring part of the big city to Utah, combining what they love most about their hometown of Los Angeles: late night delivery and delicious desserts. 

Chip delivery drivers bring a box of four cookies and a four quart bottle of milk to every customer. Brett Johnson, a Chip employee, said that his favorite part of the night is the delivery because people are so excited for their cookies.

“(We) ring the doorbell and people just scream,” Johnson said.

Stephanie Craven and her friends recently tried Chip for the first time.

“I don’t know what it is about night, if it’s just because you just get done with all of your homework and done with all of like, the stresses of the day, and you just, you just get so hungry,” she said. “The outside of it was crumbly and the inside of it was just really doughy and soft.”

Chip started only three months ago, but Wirthlin said the community has been very supportive. “Provo has really just… liked us so far,” he said. He also said that they sell about 500 cookies a night and they’ve sold out multiple times.

The cookies have all the regular ingredients like vanilla, eggs, sugar, flour and butter, but they also have their enormous size — each weighs about six ounces and is the size of a baseball.

From the soft dough to the warm cookies mounds, Wirthlin said it took time to get the right recipe.

“I was the kind of guy that just scooped up flour, oh looks like a cup, throw it in. And I learned that is very inaccurate,” he said.

Wirthlin experimented with many recipes and even took some cookies to students on BYU campus for testing to get the final product. He feels that the thanks goes to the non-profit organization Community Action, who rented them a kitchen.

Wirthlin said they will not be in the kitchen for long because they just signed a lease for a new location in Provo next to the Gezzo Hall. They deliver all the way up to Saratoga Springs, but customers can pick up their orders at the Chip location.

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