Senate Bill to Make Business Easier for Food Trucks

Senate Bill to Make Business Easier for Food Trucks

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Who knew politics could be so tasty? Senator Deidre Henderson of Utah County, along with The Food Truck League, has proposed a bill that will make it cheaper for food trucks to operate throughout the entire state.

Food truck owners currently have to get a new permit and inspection for every county they want to serve food in. Some counties only charge a little more than $10 for the permits, but others charge hundreds. Some food truck owners said they’ve already put more than $200,000 into their trucks, and it makes start-up even harder when they have to pay for several different permits and inspections.

Aaron Quayle, the owner of Silver Star Barbecue, said he thinks things will get easier for business if the bill passes.

“It will help a lot, because right now the way that the permitting and licensing is, there’s so much paperwork and so much time involved and money,” Quayle said.

While The Food Truck League said they think the bill will stimulate the economy, Quayle expressed how excited he was to reach anyone who loves barbecue.

The bill is currently still in the Utah Senate. Once it passes the Senate, it will go through The House before it can be voted into law.

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