Students, emotional support animals struggle to find housing

Students, emotional support animals struggle to find housing

PROVO – The beginning of the semester is high time for students to find housing, but one Brigham Young University student has a roommate more unique than others.

Miranda Hirsche and her emotional support dog, Tucker, sometimes struggle to find housing because of landlords who are wary of pets.

The Fair Housing Act states rentals need to provide reasonable accommodations to people who need animals for disability or emotional needs. However, Disability Law Center Officials said that 80 percent of complaints are from people that renters turned away.

Hirsche said other students have asked how she “tricked” the system instead of realizing the animal’s importance.

“People will call him my ’emotional support animal’ and they do like finger quotations, and it kind of bothers me because they don’t understand… that’s really what he is,” she said.

Hirsche said Tucker, a Shitzu mix she rescued from a shelter, has completely changed her life.

“Tucker is my best friend,” she said.

Hirsche hopes people will understand the importance of these animals and that they can change students’ lives for the better.

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