Sweeto Burrito to replace Malt Shoppe on University Avenue

Sweeto Burrito to replace Malt Shoppe on University Avenue

PROVO – After 50 years of business, crews tore down The Malt Shoppe on University Avenue in Provo and are building a new restaurant called Sweeto Burrito.

According to Google Maps, 12 Mexican restaurants are located within a five minute drive of BYU campus. Sweeto Burrito will make 13.

With so many eateries lining the streets of Provo, some said it might be difficult for the new business to stand out. However, one BYU student said she thinks they won’t have a problem attracting customers in Provo.

“It’s like a Café Rio, but not super, super expensive, and it’s not as busy because people don’t know how awesome it is,” BYU student Kate Barney said.

The new location will mark four brick-and-mortar establishments of Sweeto Burrito, originally a food truck, in Utah and the first one in Provo. The restaurant’s location is only a 12 minute walk from BYU. Barney said that will provide a convenient place for students to get dinner on their way home from class.

Sweeto Burrito plans to open its Provo location in late April.

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