Travel Ban potentially affects some BYU students

Travel Ban potentially affects some BYU students

PROVO – President Trump’s temporary ban on travel will potentially affect some Brigham Young University students who might not be able to come back if they leave the U.S.

The ban specifically affects citizens from Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia , Iraq and Iran. University officials immediately sent out a letter advising 23 students from those countries to not leave the U.S.

BYU student Rebecca Daun said she hopes her friends can stay and finish their education.

“Not only do we have our prayers with you, but… we hope to (use) all (the) political influence that we have to help you stay here and to participate in the Brigham Young University community,” she said.

This measure was put into place to allow federal agencies time to create and enforce new background checks in hopes of identifying possible terrorists entering the United States.

BYU has assigned a counselor to work with the international students to give advice, answer questions, and to let them know they’re not alone.

A federal court of appeals will make a decision on the stay of the President’s executive order later on this week.

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