BRT construction continues in Provo and Orem

BRT construction continues in Provo and Orem

PROVO, Utah – Construction is in full swing for the Bus Rapid Transit line on University Parkway and Avenue as warmer weather rolls in.

Construction workers are widening University Parkway to create exclusive lanes for buses to drive in, as well as adding two car lanes. They are also replacing the bridge over the Provo River on University Parkway.

Project officials said the BRT line will improve traffic flow and offer more public transportation for the community.

Assistant to the City Manager Steven Downs said he hopes people will be patient with what he calls construction pains, but it is now or never.

Construction related to the BRT line is also taking place on 700 North in Provo as crews add utility poles and power cables. If all goes according to plan, the BRT line will be up and running in the spring of 2019.

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