BYU alumni’s viral video honors police officers

BYU alumni’s viral video honors police officers

PROVO, Utah – A Facebook video post about a Provo police officer has gone viral with more than 10,000 likes, 100 thousand views and 11,000 shares.

Brigham Young University alumni Cody Bringham started out his video by saying, “I just had an interaction with a police officer that was pretty disturbing.” He went on to tell how Officer Austin Williams helped dig him out of the snow outside of his apartment complex after one of the first heavy snowfalls of the year.

“He got out of his car, and put on some gloves and just started pushing,” Bringham said.

Embarrassingly enough, Bringham returned to the parking garage of his apartment complex only get stuck again in the exact same spot.

“I felt so dumb,” he said in his video.

Minutes later, Officer Williams came to his rescue again with a shovel in hand.

“I was able to clear enough snow away from the wheels and away from underneath the car to give us enough weight to the wheels,” Williams said.

Bringham later circled the complex and, not finding parking, went to Smiths where he filmed the video to elaborate on how he found his own mindset disturbing.

“When he first rolled up, my first thoughts were ‘I’m in trouble for something,’” Brigham said, adding that he was not happy with himself for thinking the policeman had bad intentions.

Bringham said that recent stories in the media have led him to be afraid of police, and he hopes to change that mentality. He also said that people can change their attitudes about police by being good community members.

“If we do the things that are part of the laws of our community, then I feel we don’t need a reason to be afraid of the police,” he said.

Officer Williams agreed with Bringham.

“We’re human. We make mistakes sometimes, and sometimes that gets us media coverage as well, but for the most part we’re doing good things every single day,” Officer Williams said.

Bringham wanted to make the video to help people to recognize the amazing things that police officers are doing each day.

“I thought it would be a cool way to maybe change the mindset about police officers,” he said.

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