BYU makeup department helps stage mock disaster drill

BYU makeup department helps stage mock disaster drill

PROVO, Utah – Police, EMTs, and nursing students worked together to clean up a disaster at Brigham Young University – but luckily, it was fake.

Every semester, BYU stages a mock disaster drill to prepare EMTs and nursing students for their careers in the medical field.

“It always ups the ante if you have realistic looking kinds of wounds. It’s always great to be a part of anything that’s collaborative,” said Jennine Hollingshaus, the head of the makeup department. With her help, students make perfectly healthy people look like they got hit by a car.

“It’s super realistic. They did a really good job,” said Zack Erickson, a firefighter and EMT with Provo Fire Rescue.

“You feel proud, which is a weird thing to feel when there’s blood everywhere,” said makeup student Michaela Fordham.

Fordham has chosen to do makeup for the rest of her life when graduates from BYU this spring.

“There’s incredible, incredible power in the ability to transform someone,” Fordham said.

She’s spent hours researching online how to make wounds look real.

“The best feeling is watching your special effects on camera and then everybody just going like ‘ew,’” she said.

Fordham said makeup is her creative outlet.

“Leave all of your emotions in someone’s fake intestines,” she said.

The makeup department said it’s nice to see all the students come together to learn valuable skills, whether it’s applying makeup or saving a life.

“Look what makeup can do to contribute in a positive and meaningful and training way that’s… maybe beyond what people would normally think of when they’re like ‘Oh makeup,’” Hollingshaus said.

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