BYU’s Clery report releases campus crimes

BYU’s Clery report releases campus crimes

PROVO, Utah – The Brigham Young University Police Department has released its annual Clery Report, which contains the statistics for sexual assaults and other crimes on campus.

With all the talk about the Title IX office, BYU Police re-released their October 2016 Clery report in order for students to see how safe their campus is. The U.S. Department of Education said BYU has one of the lowest statistics for rape in the state of Utah. BYU Police said cases outside of their school zone may be much higher.

“If something happens outside of that geographical boundary, then Clery is not interested in that statistic as far as a campus safety report,” said BYU Police Officer Terry Fox.

Title IX Office Director Tiffany Turley said this could be a concern for students, but they shouldn’t worry as long as they are within boundaries.

“We recognize the numbers aren’t all conclusive, but we do feel like they’re a good indicator of our physical campus, which is where all of our students spend a lot of time,” Turley said.

Though the report doesn’t have off-campus statistics, services are available for students who are the victims of these crimes.

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