BYUtv Covers 12 of 18 West Coast Conference Tournament Games

BYUtv Covers 12 of 18 West Coast Conference Tournament Games

PROVO, Utah – Even though Brigham Young University’s sports teams are no longer in the West Coast Conference tournament, a lot of work goes into getting the 18 different men’s and women’s games on the air.

BYUtv started covering 12 of the 18 West Coast Conference tournament games back in 2010 – before BYU even joined the conference. Producers view covering the Las Vegas tournament as not just a courtesy to the conference, but as an opportunity to draw in a bigger audience.

BYU Broadcasting begins preparing months before the first game tips off. Graphics operator David Phillips Jr. explains,

“We spend a lot of time getting graphics ready, a lot of effects and stuff like that, planning what we’re going to need, how many cameras we’re going to need, how many microphones we’re going to need, where we’re going to put everything,” said graphics operator David Phillips, Jr.

The broadcasting truck made it to Las Vegas on Feb. 28, then crews spent all of March 1 setting up cameras, microphones, and thousands of feet of cable.

“We’re beat by the time we get done, but it’s an amazing cool thing to do with all the crew that we have here, and to pull it off at the end is awesome,” camera supervisor Scott Morgan said.

BYUtv also took a handful of students in addition to the more than 30 full-time and contracted crew members.

“I had to communicate with my professors (to) make sure I could turn in homework assignments online or early,” said student audio technician Kieren Smith.

Producers said it’s a sacrifice, but the payoff is big enough to keep BYUtv coming back year after year.

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