CFSI Helps Find Missing Children

CFSI Helps Find Missing Children

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah – The Center for Search and Investigation, or CFSI, is a national organization run by volunteers.

They have been riding together for several years and volunteer every week. Their mission is to find missing children.

CFSI said they help people when the police are not able to,

Sometimes law enforcement does not have the resources to spend all day and night looking for a missing child, said Melissa Miles, CEO of CFSI .

The United States Department of Justice reports more than 2100 children go missing every day. CFSI wants to change those numbers. 

They search mountains, houses, and put up flyers to find missing children.

So far CFSI Utah found 113 children.

“People are really receptive when we show them a flyer and tell them we’re looking for a missing child,” said volunteer Mike Vanderpoel.

Geithel Gore is a mother who turned to CFSI when her son was missing. She said she felt hopeless, but because of CFSI volunteers, she felt at peace,

“I filled out an application and got a phone call the next day from a coordinator, and from there we started postering. Three months, but we found him,” Gore said.

CFSI is currently searching for a boy name Alexandar Hashida. Wilfredo and Lissette Guavara are the missing boys relatives, and they said CFSI is a blessing.

The group hopes people are aware that children go missing every day and with more help, they can find more children.  

If you would like to volunteer to help CFSI find missing children, please visit their Facebook page, CFSI Utah for Missing Children. Visit their website at

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