Controversy over Bonanza Flat property continues

Controversy over Bonanza Flat property continues

PARK CITY, Utah – Covered with aspens and pines, Bonanza Flat provides a place to sight-see, snowmobile and ski. The nearly 1400 acres is also a highly coveted property – the former private owner lost the land to foreclosure, and developers jumped in to make offers.

But Park City and environmentalists began raising money to keep the land open space.

Wendy Fisher, the Utah Open Lands’ Executive Director, said she believes the property is important to the community.

“When you have a property like that, that is so treasured and beloved by the community, you really need to ensure that it stays in the public trust,” Fisher said.

Environmentalists are concerned that if developers purchase the land, peaceful mountain areas will no longer be accessible to community members.

“We need to maintain the balance of places that people play,” Fisher said.

Today marks the original deadline for Park City’s fundraiser, but the city recently voted to extend the option until June 15th.

Several developers did return requests for comment.

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