Cooper’s hawks return to BYU

Cooper’s hawks return to BYU

PROVO, Utah – Students at Brigham Young University said they saw a “larger than normal” hawk lurking in the branches on March 27. The following morning, they saw hawks bounding from tree to tree by the hill behind the Maeser Building.

Former ElevenNews reporter Madison Haycock posted a video last year showing her encounter with the angry bird, which came down to claw her head.

This year’s hawks were perched on the branches less than a quarter mile from where last year’s attacks happened at BYU. They are called Cooper’s hawks, and they are not so friendly while protecting their eggs. The male hawk goes hunting for smaller birds to eat while the female hawk stays to protect their home.

They nested about this same time last year, and if they are to nest again, BYU Media Manager Natalie Ipson said the University will not be able to move them because they are protected by federal law.

“Cooper’s hawks are federally protected birds, so there’s not a whole lot we can do to remove them unless they pose a threat to students or employees here on campus. Until that happens, we’re just going to let them do their thing and we’ll keep our distance and ask other students to do the same,” Ipson said.

Ipson also said that if the hawks become aggressive, they will tape off the area just like they did last year.

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