Friends reunite on BYU tennis court

Friends reunite on BYU tennis court

PROVO, Utah – Many athletes dream of playing their favorite sport on the collegiate level. Many athletes take that dream further and hope to go play with their best friend on the collegiate level. For Kate Cusick and Samantha Smith, that dream came true.

Cusick and Smith are both freshman on the Brigham Young University tennis team this year. Cusick is from Provo, Utah, and Smith is from Henderson, Nevada. They have known each other since they were about 10 years old when they started competing at Junior tennis tournaments.

As time went on, they lost contact for four years. Their relationship rekindled when they went on their BYU recruiting trip. When Cusick found out Smith had committed to BYU, she was thrilled.

“I remember Sam when she was probably 11 or 12 and she was just the craziest one always, and so loud, and I knew it would be so much fun, so I was really excited,” Cusick said.

Smith said she didn’t even know Cusick was considering playing for the Cougars.

“She was interested in Utah as well. And then when I found out she committed… it made the experience so much better, and I knew I would have so much fun,” Smith said.

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