Jake Langlois rises from team manager to star player

Jake Langlois rises from team manager to star player

PROVO, Utah – Outside hitter Jake Langlois has led the Brigham Young University men’s volleyball team this year in kills, aces, and digs.

But he wasn’t always so dominant on the court.

Langlois decided to try out for the team his freshman year.

“I ended up making not the roster, but the team manager is what they called it,” Langlois said.

Langlois said he never would have dreamed back then of playing the way he does now.

“I was just there for fun. I was not expecting to play, ever. I probably played more soccer and basketball than I did volleyball,” Langlois said.

Before coming to BYU, Langlois spent most of his time on the golf course. In fact, he had never even played competitive volleyball before trying out for the team.

“I played golf six days a week for three years straight. That was my life, it was awesome,” Langlois said.

Langlois’ rapid ascent has not gone unnoticed by Head Coach Shaun Olmstead.

“It’s a credit to him for his hard work,” Olmstead said.

Langlois does not credit himself for his progress.

“There’s no way I could have done it by myself. It doesn’t matter how hard I work or how hard I’m trying. If I don’t have the people around me to teach me and push me, there’s no way I’m going to be able to do it,” Langlois said.

“He’s a major component to our team,” Olmstead said. “The heart and kind of soul of the team. The guys really look up to him.”

For Langlois, the journey does not stop here.

“I want to play pro somewhere. Some agents have contacted me. (I’m) hoping I get to go to Italy or somewhere,” Langlois said.

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