K-9 unit important part of Orem PD

K-9 unit important part of Orem PD

OREM, Utah – The Orem Police Department K-9 unit has a new four-legged recruit.

Corporal James Vance said his dog Dug will soon be the newest member of the team, but he joined them by chance.

“He got brought out prematurely and the agency that he was saved for was actually (the) LA County Sheriff’s Office, and they never showed up that day,” Vance said.

After a quick trail run, Vance knew it would be a good bond.

“(Dug) fit and it was a really good bond right away actually,” Vance said.

Dug is not yet patrol certified, but he practices searching for specific smells or locating a car with drugs in a parking lot.

“There are things that dogs are able to do that no human made machine is able to replicate,” Corporal John Arnoldson said.

Dug is not alone on the force – the department has five other K-9s. Police have the option to muzzle their dogs if they don’t want to hurt a suspect.

“A lot of times when a suspect knows a dog has arrived, they give up,” Arnoldson said.

Arnoldson also said he loves his dog.

“I’ve always wanted a dog with the ability that my dog Cooper has,” he said.

“I have full confidence in that he would do whatever it took to make sure I went home safe,” Vance added.

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