Learn It financial series helps women prepare for future

Learn It financial series helps women prepare for future

PROVO, Utah – Women live longer, earn less, and are more likely to fall into financial crises – that was the message at the Learn It financial series on March 14 at the Provo Library.

USA Today published an article that showed lower wages and higher medical costs are putting retiring women at greater risk for financial ruin. The seminar addressed this issue.

“If you take a woman, with the same exact qualifications as a man, the same position, she’s earning 80 cents on the dollar,” said Merrill Lynch financial adviser Roy Alame.

USA Today said women put the needs and security of others before their own, leaving them with less money for long-term healthcare. But a series of classes at the Provo Library are hoping to change that.

Learn It event organizers said they want to boost the economy and boost the community by strengthening the position of women. The event covered topics such as financial empowerment, preparing for life events, and avoiding financial pitfalls.

The remaining two classes will take place next Tuesday and the Tuesday after at 7 p.m. in the Provo Library.

The presenters advised women to do their research, get out of debt as quickly as possible, and put 10% of their paycheck into savings.

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